The GRaz Süsse Kompass®


The SÜSSE KOMPASS® through the Graz Region

The Graz region has an additional sweet attraction: The “SÜSSE KOMPASS®” wraps specialities from the area surrounding Graz into eight delicious pralines. The culinary diversity of the Graz region gave master confectioner Erich Handl from Gratkorn and TRV Graz & Graz Umgebung the “sweet idea” of showing the Graz region’s chocolatey side: through a “SÜSSER KOMPASS®”, an eight-piece collection of pralines, which wraps the respective local specialities in dark or white chocolate.

The “SÜSSE KOMPASS®” is available from: Konditorei Handl in Gratkorn, the Graz Tourist Information Centre at Herrengasse 16, from the named producers, and the local tourist information centres.