The Water Experience

Wash away the stresses of everyday life

Water is the most important substance on the planet! Humans need water to live and survive and without water, nothing would grow. But it also has beneficial and healing effects on the body and soul. Luckily, the Graz region is bubbling with water and life! 

A dip in a cool spring can be really invigorating on warm summer days. A Kneipp treatment can help you feel completely reborn, and hikes along spring and water trails help cleanse the mind and soul. Water is also particularly valued by sports enthusiasts, and not just as a form of refreshment: beautiful cycle paths run along the banks of lakes and rivers, well-maintained pools and natural swimming lakes are the perfect place for a wide variety of watersports, including swimming, surfing and diving, and the Kesselfallklamm gorge awaits adventurers both big and small.