Curling is an old folk custom, a popular and sociable pastime. In the Graz region, it’s often also a sporting competition. When the temperature drops, the tracks are prepared, the outsoles of the sticks are changed, and they start playing on ice as smooth as glass instead of summery tarmac or concrete.

  • Deutschfeistritz

Curling at the Union Sportclub Deutschfeistritz ice rink, Am Quellengrund 11,
8121 Deutschfeistritz, T +43/3127/41100

  • Nestelbach, Mitterlaßnitz

Curling sheet belonging to ESV Mitterlaßnitz

  • Semriach

Curling sheets at the following facilities: Gasthaus Häuserl im Wald, T +43/3127/8390
Lurgrottengasthaus vor dem Lurgrotteneingang, T +43/3127/8319
Gasthaus Sandwirt beim Kesselfall, T +43/3127/8226

  • Stattegg

Curling sheets belonging to ESV Stattegg, Statteggerstraße 199, 8046 Stattegg; T +43/664/3940772

  • St. Marein bei Graz

District of Petersdorf II: Curling at the Petersdorf II Curling and Events Hall
District of Krumegg: Curling in Prüfing, ESV Eisblume Prüfing

  • Übelbach

Two curling sheets at the Pastnerteich leisure centre